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MINION – Exponent Review Search and Shade

Exponent Rules

EXPONENT REVIEW minion search and shade



LEGO Batman – Factoring Polynomials Search & Shade

Included are factoring problems that require GCF, ax squared, difference of two squares, and perfect square trinomials.

Factoring Polynomials S&S





Angry Birds Rational Operations Search and Shade

Rational Operations Search and Shade Review WORD






Domo Factoring Search and Shade

Factor Trinomials Search and Shade PDF

Tic-tac-toe factoring search and shade WORD


Factor Trinomials (a = 1) Search and Shade – Heart

Factor Easy Trinomials Search and Shade PDF

Factoring easy trinomials search and shade WORD












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Systems of Equations Alien Search and Shade




Perry the Platypus Equations & Inequalities Review

I made this worksheet last year to review California Standards 3, 4, and 5.  It is one of my favorites! 

It includes equations, inequalities, and absolute value equations and inequalities, too.

Students need know how to graph coordinates.

Coloring is never required, but since I wanted them to practice coordinate graphing, they did have to do the lines.  Students get a miniscule amount of extra credit if they color.

word:  Solving Eq and Ineq including Absolute value perry the platypus

pdf:  Equations and Inequalities Review and Graph HK


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Search and Shades

I love Search and Shades, and most of the kids do, too.  Search and Shades are worksheets with practice problems.  The students do the problems and are able to self-check by looking for the answer in the grid.  Then, they shade the squares a certain way to create a design.

When I started teaching 17 years ago, I saw some other students doing fun-looking worksheets from a book.  I didn’t have the book, and too shy to ask to borrow it, I started making my own.

They began similar to the book, where patterns were created, but then I started doing actual THINGS and popular cartoon characters.  I loved making them, whenever I had the time.

I use them for practice, usually in class, so I can monitor and help students.  When they finish, they can do the optional coloring.  I don’t require them to do the coloring, but I do give a very, very small amount of extra credit if it looks good.  I hate to say it but some of the characters have really motivated students to do the work!

Unfortunately, most of those worksheets were created for 6th and 7th grade math, which I no longer teach.  So, as a review the first week of school, we do several of my favorites (until they are sick of them for awhile!).  We use them to review Order of Operations, Decimal Operations, Fraction Operations, and Integer Operations.  I get a good feel for where my students are at, while they work on the worksheets.  However, I have to reinforce that they do ALL of the problems before they begin to color.

In the past couple of years they have created books for PreAlgebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry and the designs are a lot more fancy then the original Arithmetic book that I finally received from a departing teacher.

Check them out…some have sample activities to download.  There is even a Pre-Calculus one coming out this year!  Thanks Jacobs Publishing (-:





So here are some of my versions.

Bart Simpson Decimal Operations (really old, so I only have the PDF) Decimal_Operations_Bart


Cartman Fraction Operations CARTMAN_S&S_all_fraction_operations

Order of Operations

ooo pdf (its an old one, so no actual file, just a scan)






There are many that I have created.  I will post more as I use them during the year.