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Seating Charts

on September 18, 2012

I have tried many programs for seating charts, but I just can’t beat the hands-on approach.

Using test scores, I rank the students and split them up in two types (high – low) or 4 types (high, medium high, medium low, low).  I write their names on super small post-it notes, different colors for the different levels.  I also star students who have to sit in the front.  Then I can arrange them in mixed groups of 4.

This technique is based on the Kagan grouping strategies.  I used their grouping software for a couple of years, but this works so much better.

When I need to make a little change, I just switch the post-its.  And when it is time for a major change, I might change some of the names on the post-its (now that I know them better), and rearrange everyone.


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  1. ClassroomC9 says:

    Hi hoppe ninja math! I too use this method and find it the most user-friendly. Thanks for sharing it with everyone else!

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