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My Favorite Friday – Properties Quiz Quiz Trade “Game” + More

on September 21, 2012

We have been reviewing properties for the past couple of weeks and have done several activities.  However, it is always so funny that the students think the Kagan structure “Quiz Quiz Trade” is a game.  And they want to play it again!

The activity is great because the students are quizzing each other on the properties and getting a lot of practice.  Here is the instructions from the Kagan website:

 Here is the properties file I created.  They are cards that should be printed back to back.  One side for the question, one for the answer.  Sometimes an answer is not needed.


We also did a card sort with similar cards, but they have to sort the equations into the property categories.

Properties card sort

And we also tried a fly swatter game that was lots of fun, but I think the pressure was too much because they often got them wrong!  Thanks to I Speak Math and InStillnessTheDancing


3 Responses to “My Favorite Friday – Properties Quiz Quiz Trade “Game” + More”

  1. Aaron C. says:

    I like what you’ve got here overall, but you have a couple division facts wrong (unless I’m misunderstanding something about how you’re using this). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but 0.25/0 should be undefined while 0/1.1 is 0. I was looking for something to use with number properties last night – this post would’ve been perfect (I ended up making a ‘tarsia’ puzzle)

  2. druinok says:

    I’ve never used QQT, but I can see it working great for “flashcard” type things. Thanks so much!

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