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My Favorite Friday: Holt Alternate Opener Explorations

on October 19, 2012

I have been trying to do more exploration and concept discovery this year.  Last year, when I taught Geometry, I would sometimes use the Alternate Opener Explorations from my Holt textbook as warm-ups.  This year I am only teaching Algebra and have thrown out my old, boring warm-ups, and have been using the Alternate Opener Explorations almost every day!  I found some pdf versions for different textbooks online (Course 1 6th grade?, Course 2 7th grade?, and Course 3 8th grade?), but not for Algebra 1.  I get the Algebra 2 from the online textbook access.   Anyhow, sometimes I copy them off, sometimes I just show them on the screen.  Either way, they are pretty good.  They include instructions that are usually easy to follow and there is guided questions to help them become familiar with the new concept.

Here is an example of one for 1-Step Inequalities.

      Thank you Holt!

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