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Middle School Algebra Grading Policies

on March 10, 2013

#msSunFunI use a version of Standards Based Grading which I spoke about in more detail in a previous post.

Here are the basics:

  • Separate assessment per California Standard
  • About 3 questions per assessment (1 basic, 1, proficient, 1 advanced)
  • Since they are so short, we can have them several times per week, the last 10 minutes of the period.  (No giving up a whole class day for a test!  Sometimes we do 2 in a day)
  • I force reassess each standard, in-class, often to check for retention and necessary reteaching
  • Newest score is entered in the gradebook
  • They may reassess before and/or after school most days
  • I use Kuta software and the textbook test-generator software to quickly regenerate assessments.
  • *The standards are weighted differently, depending on the number of questions of that type on the California State Test.

I must use the district online gradebook program.

Standard Assesments are 90% of the their grade.  This tells me if they truly can do the standards.

Projects and homework are 10%.

Most homework is just glanced at for completion.

Projects that are not perfect are given back to the student to be resubmitted again, and again, until it is perfect.

Some of this will probably change for next year because of Common Core.


3 Responses to “Middle School Algebra Grading Policies”

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  2. susan says:

    Hi there! do you find your grades are higher than before since doing standards based grading? and giving them multiple opportunities to get the topic? i am curious because i used to think giving retests/requizzes were not fair, but now starting to rethink this. would love your insights.

    • Kristin says:

      Grades are about the same. Failing students have an easier time bringing up their grade. Maybe they couldn’t do exponent rules at the beginning of the year, but later in the year it is second nature, so they get credit for learning it. I love giving them multiple opportunities. The goal is for them to do better each time. Of course it doesn’t always work like that. Unfortunately, the ones who go for retakes the most, are the ones who already have A’s! They just want to prove they can do it, and I think that is great. I wished the C’s cared as much. When parents want to know what students can do to improve their grade, I just tell them to study and retake a concept quiz. Learn the math!

      Also, it is like tests in real life. Driving test…you keep trying. Angry birds…you keep trying!

      I was very hesitant at first, too. First, I would only allow retakes for C’s and below, then I went to B’s, and finally, I said anyone. If they want to prove they have mastered a concept, why not?

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