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Homework Choice

on March 17, 2013



I always grade homework on effort.  I tried to use the “no homework binder” this year, but I was unsuccessful.  I had so many students standing in line to sign the book, they were missing the whole warm-up.  So I reverted back to my long-time method of wandering the classroom during warm-up time to check for completion.

  • Assignments usually have choice.  Often I give some page numbers and have them choose at least 5 odd problems.
  • Since they are odds, they should check their answers in the back of the book, after each one, to see if they are doing it correctly.
  • The choice allows students who feel comfortable with the topic to choose a more challenging problem, or even to choose to do more problems (and yes, some students actually choose to do more problems, and the more difficult ones)
  • They do their on the page facing the notes page so they can refer to their notes.
  • I check their homework during warm-up.  They do warm-up on the same page as the homework, so they should already have it open for me to glance at.
  • I just check to see if they did the problems.  2 points if completed, 1 point if some are complete, and 0 if little none are complete.
  • I bring my clipboard and only mark those that didn’t get 2 points and those that are absent.
  • Students can show me late homework for half credit.
  • Every once in awhile, I will assign specific problems because I would like to go over them in class.
  • Students may always ask to over a problem in class.
  • Homework is 10% of the grade, so some students think that they don’t need to do it.  Not suprisingly, those students are the same ones that don’t do well on their assessments!


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