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First week…a couple of activities…really fun Bingo!

on September 1, 2013

First day we reviewed my updated brochure that I wrote about last year.

Next we made the awesome folding number puzzle that I borrowed from last year:  Math in the Middle.    It went well with our Mathematical Practices discussion about PERSERVERANCE.

Also during the week, I decided to do the get-to-know-you Bingo game.  While thinking about what to put on the grid, I decided to do all things about me!  So then the students can ask me to sign any one of the squares.  It was really fun.  Not only they were learning about each other, but they learned about me at the same time.


And then I had another great idea.  I couldn’t do the same Bingo for my Algebra Support class, because they will have seen it in their regular Algebra class.  So I took the Dan Meyer Who I Am forms that they had filled out, and made a Bingo card specific to the class, using facts about them.  We will play that one on Monday.


We also did a Decimal Name project I will post about next week.

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