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LEGO Batman – Factoring Polynomials Search & Shade

on March 6, 2014

Included are factoring problems that require GCF, ax squared, difference of two squares, and perfect square trinomials.

Factoring Polynomials S&S




16 Responses to “LEGO Batman – Factoring Polynomials Search & Shade”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love this. Gonna adapt it for my lower sets but it’s brilliant!

  2. This is great! I shared a link to this on my blog: http://autismplusmath.blogspot.com/2014/03/factoring-quadratics-with-legos-not-my.html

    Glenn Laniewski
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    “These Legos are helping me!”

  3. Angela Thurman says:

    Kristin… I love this activity!! Is there a template for this activity that I can access.

  4. MsBrown says:

    THANK you SO very much for sharing this!! I’ll be using it this week for review. Can’t wait to see how my students like it 🙂

  5. Gabe says:

    This is great! I would love to use this and possibly adapt it. However, I would like a zoomed in look at what is exactly going on. Could you personally send me the attachment?

  6. Beth says:

    This looks awesome! I have a super hero theme going in my classroom this year and we just started the factoring unit! Thanks for sharing this activity!

  7. I enjoyed every little piece of it and I have favorited your blog.

  8. I was very happy to find this site. I just wanted to say thanks for this excellent post!!

  9. Kim says:

    I really love this idea! I would love to zoom in and see it more closely. Can you email me things so I can look at it better, please? Thanks!

  10. Lisa says:

    Brilliant – thanks for the original as I will modify it for what we are doing

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