OLD Algebra Standards Practice Pages

Here are some practice problems for the following quizzes.  They have a page of answers, too.  Practice these before you retake the quiz.  If you need help, come see me, but you will be unable to take the quiz the same day that I help you!  Remember, you can retake each test once, per day.  Try again the next day if don’t do as well as you had hoped.

Recommendation:  First make sure you have good scores on 4, 5, and 2, and 10.  You need to be good at 4 Simplifying, before you can do 5 Solving Equations and Inequalities.  You need to be good at 9 Systems of Equations, before you can do 15 Rate, Mixture Problems.

Link for 1 Properties Practice

2 Exponents Practice

3 Absolute Value Eq and Ineq Practice

4 Simplifying Practice

5 Eq and Ineq Practice Word NEW

6 Graph Linear Equations Practice word

7 Writing Linear Eq Practice word

8 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Practice

9 Systems of Equations and Inequalities Practice

10 Polynomial_Operations_Practice_Problems

11 Factoring Practice

12 Simplify Rational Expressions Practice

13 Rational Expression Operations Practice

14 Solve by Factoring+Completing the Square Practice

15 Rate, Work, Mixture Problems <—– NEW

15a Rate, Work, Mixture Practice

16, 17, 18 Domain and Range Practice

16-18 Domain and Range New <—- NEW

19 Quadratic Formula Proof

20 Solve with Quadratic Formula Practice

21 Graph Quadratics

22 Discriminant Practice

6, 7, 15a Detailed Answers