Disneyland People
Wednesday April 13th 2011, 2:59 pm
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Those going to Disneyland with band and choir:

Algebra: Remember you have that Search and Shade due the Tuesday we get back from vacation. Email me (or post a message here) if you need help!

Pre-Algebra: We will be covering lessons 12-1, 12-3, and 12-5 from the textbook

Algebra 1a: Worksheet due the Tuesday we get back from vacation.

Hi Mrs. Hoppe; I need help with two of the problems on the Multiplication/Division side of the Algebra worksheet. I replaced the “x” variables with “y” to show the difference between the variable and multiplication sign. I know what the answers are, however, I am unable show work for them,. Thank you, & enjoy your break!
“2y^3 + 8y^2 / y – 4 X y^2 – 3y – 4 / y^2 + 4y” & “2y + 2 / y + 2 X y^2 – 4 / y^2 + y”

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Sent you an e-mail!

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