Hwk 1/26
Wednesday January 26th 2011, 4:36 pm
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1.  Accelerated Math (2 objectives by 1/28/11)
Today we did lesson 6-7:  Graphing Linear Inequality Systems
Tomorrow:  Test on solving systems, solving systems word problems, and graphing one linear inequality

1. Accelerated Math (3 objectives by 1/28/11)
Today we used symbols to subtract integers (1-6).  Then we discussed the rules.
Tomorrow’s test will be on percents, fractions, decimals, rational and irrational numbers, multiplying and dividing integers, and adding integers

1. ST Math
Today we reviewed fractions, decimals, percents and in pairs, did a matching puzzle.
Tomorrow’s test will be on dividing decimals and fractions decimals and percents.